Hyderabad-London flight bounces onto tarmac at Heathrow, then takes off again

Category : UK News
Updated On : February 11, 2019 09:33 AM
By Indian Times Daily

A Hyderabad-London British Airways flight aborted a landing attempt soon after touching down at London Heathrow Airport and immediately went back up in the air again.

The BA276 flight left Hyderabad on time at 7.10am on Friday but when it reached Terminal 5 of Heathrow it touched down on the tarmac, then went back in the air, did a circuit and landed a second time. No one was hurt in the manoeuvre, known as a TOGA or take off/go around, which was captured on video and shared widely on social media on Saturday. The flight landed 18 minutes late at 12.53pm.

The video shows the aircraft bounce back up seconds after touching the runway, with many on social media applauding the control of the pilot.

A source at the airline told TOI: “There were quite strong winds on Friday. As the aircraft was coming down, the wind flared up and so the plane performed a go-around. This is a routine manoeuvre that all British Airways pilots are trained in. This is when the flight briefly lands and then takes off, goes round and lands again.” Britain was battered by gale force winds on Friday owing to Storm Erik with gusts reaching up to 70mph in some places.

The source said the manoeuvre was completely safe and there was no risk to the passengers. “When an aircraft lands it is important for it to be stable. As this plane was coming down, it was unstable because of the strong winds. Pilots are well-trained to perform a go-round if when they come down the aircraft is unstable.

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