'Justice for Indian students accused of cheating in UK'

Category : UK News
Updated On : July 11, 2018 05:40 AM
By Indian Times Daily

A UK-based body fighting for the rights of migrants today launched a campaign here demanding that thousands of international students, including Indians, accused of cheating by the British government in an English language examination be allowed to re-sit the test to prove their innocence.

The Migrant Voice believed that nearly 56,000 students have been caught up in the scandal, which emerged as part of a media sting operation that exposed cases of fraud in government-mandated English tests required for some student visas.

The handling of the issue contradicts basic principles of British life, including the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and the imposition of collective punishment, said Nazek Ramadan, the director of Migrant Voice, who launched the campaign in the UK Parliament complex.

The issue dated back to 2014 when the BBC aired an investigative report on colleges offering the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) and revealed some cases of cheating.

The UK Home Office responded by launching its own investigation and concluded that 33,725 of the test results were invalid and 22,694 questionable.

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