Nominations set to close in race to be next UK leader

Category : UK News
Updated On : June 11, 2019 12:07 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Nominations are closing in the race to become Britain's next prime minister, with almost a dozen contenders already battling it out over Brexit, tax policy and past drug use. Prime Minister Theresa May stepped down on Friday as Conservative Party leader after failing to secure Parliament's backing for her European Union withdrawal deal.

Party lawmakers and members will choose a new leader, who also becomes prime minister. Nominations close Monday at 5pm (1600GMT, noon EDT).

So far 11 candidates are running, including former Cabinet minister Boris Johnson, foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt and environment secretary Michael Gove.

Johnson wants to take Britain out of the EU with or without a deal, Hunt favors a more conciliatory approach and Gove is trying to limit fallout from his admission of long-ago cocaine use.

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