Seaside town Teignmouth evacuated over WW2 bomb

Category : UK News
Updated On : July 11, 2018 05:40 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Parts of a Devon seaside town were evacuated after a World War Two bomb was found in the sea near the pier. The explosive was discovered by a man and his nephew who were scuba diving in Teignmouth.

Royal Navy divers from Devonport believe it is a 630kg (1,400lb) device dropped by the Germans. Police evacuated seafront properties to allow bomb disposal teams to tow it out to sea and destroy it in a controlled explosion.

Student James Cunningham, 19, who found the bomb with his uncle James Brown, said the pair had been looking for sea life. "We go reasonably regularly and at first we thought it was a container.

"After taking a closer look I could see the pointy end buried in the silt and saw it was made of metal which made us realise what it was." After hastily snapping some pictures to give to the police they left, he said. "I thought we'd better get out of there pretty sharpish; it was a bit scary".

Mr Cunningham has been diving for about six years and said the biggest thing he had previously found underwater was a grouper fish, in the Caribbean. "But this was way more dangerous than any fish," he said.

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