Simon Coveney and Arlene Foster expected to meet in Belfast

Category : UK News
Updated On : January 10, 2019 10:25 PM
By Indian Times Daily

DUP sources say they expect the Irish foreign affairs minister to meet Arlene Foster on Thursday afternoon. It comes after Simon Coveney had said his offer to meet Mrs Foster had not been taken up by the party.

Mr Coveney is in Belfast to meet business groups and other political leaders about the Brexit deal. His government has rejected UK proposals to give the Stormont assembly a say over new EU rules for NI, if the border backstop came into effect.

The Irish government has urged support for Theresa May's Brexit deal, despite criticism from the DUP and other parties at Westminster over the backstop proposal. MPs have been debating the withdrawal agreement ahead of a Commons vote next Tuesday, which the government is expected to lose.

Mr Coveney said: "We may not be convincing [the DUP MP] Sammy Wilson but that's not the same as convincing unionism. "We're not trying to bypass the DUP but they cannot have a veto over this process." Mr Coveney also said the DUP did "not speak for all of unionism".

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