Sturgeon calls for 'patience' over Scottish independence

Category : UK News
Updated On : October 10, 2018 09:59 PM
By Indian Times Daily

Nicola Sturgeon has called for "pragmatism and patience" from independence supporters in her SNP conference speech. The Scottish first minister said she was "more confident than ever" that Scotland would become independent.

She added that members must "wait for the fog of Brexit to clear" and work to win over people who voted No in 2014. Ms Sturgeon also announced new policies on nursing, infrastructure, fair work and support for the homeless.

The first minister was speaking on the final day of the SNP's three-day conference in Glasgow. She used her speech to hit out at "unfolding calamity" and "despair" at Westminster, contrasting this by painting an independent Scotland as "a beacon of progressive values".

The SNP leader kicked off the conference by announcing that the party's 35 MPs at Westminster would vote in favour of a new referendum on Brexit, were such a question to be tabled at Parliament. And she closed it with a speech also packed with constitutional arguments, describing Brexit as a "serious problem" and repeatedly promoting the cause of independence.

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