Top Labour figures interfered in anti-Semitism disputes

Category : UK News
Updated On : July 11, 2019 02:03 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Senior Labour figures have interfered in the disciplinary process of dealing with accusations of anti-Semitism, ex-party officials have said. Seumas Milne, one of Jeremy Corbyn's closest aides, told officials the party was "muddling up political disputes with racism" and must review processes.

And General Secretary Jennie Formby attempted to interfere in who sat on a panel examining a high-profile case. Labour said there was no interference. Instead, it said the former staff making the claims were "disaffected".

But Sam Matthews, the party's former head of disputes, said he interpreted an e-mail sent by Mr Milne - the Labour leader's communications chief - in March 2018, calling for a review into how complaints were handled, as "an instruction".

Mr Matthews is one of eight former Labour officials - seven of whom worked in the party's Complaints and Disputes Department - who have spoken to Panorama about their experiences of dealing with anti-Semitism cases.

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