TSB accused of 'dreadful response' to meltdown

Category : UK News
Updated On : May 16, 2018 06:24 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Problems at TSB are well into a fourth week, with the bank being accused of a "dreadful response" at the outset of its IT crisis. Philip Augur, a former TSB board member, said "human error, pride and software failure" led to a disaster.

Some customers are still struggling to make payments, particularly from business accounts, and mortgage accounts cannot be viewed online. TSB says it is working around the clock to solve the problems.

Speaking on Radio 5 live's Wake Up to Money, Mr Augur, now an independent banking commentator, said that TSB "clearly underestimated the gravity of this in the early days" and the response to the crisis in the first week was "dreadful".

The migration of data on TSB's five million customers from former owner Lloyds' IT system to a new one managed by current Spanish owner Sabadell created major difficulties for the bank, which has received more than 40,000 customer complaints so far. Midway through the week after the migration, experts from computing giant IBM were called in by TSB.

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