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French President Emmanuel Macron arrives in Washington on Monday for a state visit likely to be dominated by differences over trade and the ...(Read more)

India would lodge a trade dispute against the United States at the World Trade Organisation if Washington does not grant it exemptions from ...(Read more)

Police on Monday arrested the man suspected of fatally shooting four people at a Waffle House restaurant, ending a 36-hour manhunt after tip ...(Read more)

Walmart is close to finalizing a deal to buy a majority stake in India's leading e-commerce company for at least US$12 billion and may c ...(Read more)

U.N. Women announced April 11 that it has created a new role – the Executive Coordinator and Spokesperson on Addressing Sexual Harassm ...(Read more)

The International Monetary Fund will systematically address corruption and its impact on economic growth with all its member countries under ...(Read more)

Almost 18 months have passed since Hillary Clinton lost the presidency. She holds no position of power in government. And she is not expecte ...(Read more)

A top UN official today denounced growing rhetoric claiming that nuclear arms are necessary and warned that the risk of such weapons being u ...(Read more)

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he will pay $4.5 million to cover the lapsed US financial commitment to the Paris climate accor ...(Read more)

Hate crimes targeting U.S. Muslims rose 15 percent in 2017, the second year of increases, according to a study released on Monday by advocac ...(Read more)

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