Facebook, Twitter fight misinformation on Election Day

Category : USA News
Updated On : November 07, 2018 11:19 PM
By Indian Times Daily

Social networking platforms Facebook and Twitter were busy battling misinformation and fake news as the US voted in the the midterm elections on Tuesday.

According to a report in USA Today late Tuesday, Facebook "swiftly removed misinformation, such as posts and memes, urging Republicans and Democrats to vote on the wrong day and claims that federal immigration agents would be patrolling polling places".

Twitter said it was combating voter suppression but "declined to share any details about what tweets were removed".

According to a CNET report, Facebook took action against inaccurate posts and memes that told Republicans and Democrats to vote on different days.

"The team is closely monitoring the election from our war room and are in regular contact with our partners in government. So far we haven't seen anything unexpected," Facebook spokesperson was quoted as saying.

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