India clearly conveyed its requirement for S-400 to US

Category : USA News
Updated On : July 11, 2019 01:40 AM
By Indian Times Daily

India’s requirement for Russia’s S-400 missile defence system has been clearly conveyed to the American side, including during US Secretary of Secretary Mike Pompeo’s recent visit to New Delhi, the government told the Lok Sabha on Wednesday.

In a written reply to a question, Minister of State for External Affairs V Muraleedharan said a contract for the supply of the Russian S-400 Long Range Surface to Air Missile System to India was concluded in October 2018.

On whether procurement of S-400 missiles by India has been opposed and threatened with a ban, he said the US ‘Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act’ (CAATSA) requires the imposition of certain sanctions on persons or entities that have knowingly engaged in a “significant transaction” with the defence or intelligence sectors of Russia.

The US Department of State will determine whether a transaction is “significant” for the purposes of section 231 of CAATSA on a case-by-case basis, Muraleedharan said.

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