Oregon votes to cap climate emissions

Category : USA News
Updated On : June 19, 2019 02:08 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Lawmakers in Oregon have voted to price climate-changing emissions from large polluters across the state's economy, in the latest move by a local government to fight global warming despite reluctance from the White House.

The Oregon "cap-and-trade" system would reward those who slash their planet-warming emissions with credits they can sell to others who produce higher emissions and exceed government-mandated limits.

"Oregon can be the log that breaks the jam nationally" in adopting more such systems, said Governor Kate Brown in a statement prior to the vote late Monday in the Oregon House of Representatives.

The bill still must be passed by the state senate, but Brown has said she would sign it into law if it reaches her desk.

Oregon would be the second U.S. state to put in place such an economy-wide trading system, following California in 2013, said Brad Reed, a spokesman for Renew Oregon, a green energy advocacy group that campaigned for the bill.

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