Pakistan: India-US statement violates diplomatic norms

Category : USA News
Updated On : September 13, 2018 09:55 PM
By Indian Times Daily

Pakistan on Thursday took "strong exception to the unwarranted reference" against it in the joint statement issued following the 2+2 India-US dialogue in New Delhi last week.

The statement issued after the US Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defence met their Indian counterparts called upon Pakistan to ensure that its territory was not used to launch terror attacks on other countries.

At the weekly news briefing here on Thursday, Foreign Office spokesperson Muhammad Faisal said: "Pakistan rejects the baseless allegations. We have also conveyed our position to the US side.

He added that the trial of the Pakistanis said to be involved in the 2008 Mumbai terror attack was ongoing in an anti-terrorism court in Pakistan and "the judicial process shall take its course".

Faisal asked the US to also focus similarly on what he said was "Indian state terrorism" in Jammu and Kashmir.

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