'Samosa Caucus' Fails To Increase Its Strength

Category : USA News
Updated On : November 07, 2018 11:18 PM
By Indian Times Daily

The so-called Samosa Caucus - an informal group of the Indian-Americans in the US Congress - failed to increase its strength, even as its all four incumbent members were most likely to be re-elected to the House of Representatives in the highly polarised midterm elections held Tuesday.

None of the more than half a dozen new Indian American candidates, many of whom caught national attention by giving a tough fight to their opponents and outraising them in the fund raisers, could make it to the House of Representatives, which is equivalent to Lok Sabha in the Indian parliament.

However, Indian-Americans picked up more seats in the state assemblies. The community sent its member Ram Villivalam for the first time to the Illinois Senate and also elected a Muslim Indian-American Mujtaba Mohammed to the North Carolina State Senate.

Chicago-born Ram Villivalam, elected unopposed, became the first Asian-American State Senator and the first South Asian-American member of Illinois General Assembly ever.

For the first time, more than 100 Indian-Americans had entered the race in this mid-term elections, of which over 50 were on the ballot on Tuesday.

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