Senate votes to end US support of war in Yemen

Category : USA News
Updated On : March 15, 2019 02:09 AM
By Indian Times Daily

The US Republican-led Senate has voted to end Washington's support for the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen in a rebuke to President Donald Trump's continued backing of the Kingdom monarchy despite growing frustration among lawmakers with its actions on the world stage.

The bipartisan vote on Wednesday was 54 to 46 and marked the second time in months when the Senate rejected the US' continued participation in Saudi Arabia's bombing campaign against Yemen's Houthi rebels, waged in the name of holding back Iran's expansion in the region, the Washington Post reported.

In December, the bill on pulling US forces from the military conflict was stalled in the then Republican-led Congress.

The Saudi-led war, which at times targeted civilian facilities and prevented aid shipments from getting to Yemenis, had been faulted by human rights organizations for exacerbating what the UN called the world's "worst humanitarian catastrophe".

The Senate resolution, an unprecedented attempt to curtail presidential powers, sought to end the US military involvement in the conflict within 30 days. Trump has vowed to veto the resolution if it passed through the Democrat-led House.

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