US buys Israeli weapon system for $500mn

Category : USA News
Updated On : October 11, 2018 05:04 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Israeli military system Trophy will be sold to the US army in a $500 million deal, a media report has said.

The Trophy system that protects armoured vehicles from missiles and mortar shells, was developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, headquartered in Israel.

The US Army has already ordered Rafael's system units in June 2017 for $193 million to protect its Abrams tanks and was now expected to increase that order while extending the number of tanks to be protected.

Rafael also plans to provide the US army with a light version of Trophy, for the armoured personnel carriers Bradley and Stryker, Xinhua news agency quoted business website Calcalist's Tuesday's report as saying.

A light version of Trophy can intercept more than 300 anti-tank missiles and RPGs of various types. Rafael said the intercept rate for the carriers was 95 per cent.

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