Wilbur Ross to discuss tariffs with EU

Category : USA News
Updated On : March 13, 2018 12:29 PM
By Indian Times Daily

United States’ Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross will be leading the talks with representatives of European Union over the steel tariffs. The announcement was made by president Donald Trump with a tweet.



"Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross will be speaking with representatives of the European Union about eliminating the large Tariffs and Barriers they use against the USA Not fair to our farmers and manufacturers," Trump tweeted.


Ross will also be discussing the issues faced by US products in the European countries.


At a campaign rally Saturday, Trump threatened to "tax" German cars if the EU does not lower its barriers to US goods.


The EU's top trade official, Cecilia Malmstroem, responded Monday by charging that trade was being used "as a weapon to threaten and intimidate us."


"But we are not afraid, we will stand up to the bullies," she said.


Top US and EU trade officials meeting in Brussels Saturday failed to overcome their differences, but Malmstroem said talks would continue this week.

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